Having trouble maintaining attendence?

Didn't have enough attendance, left the lectures unknowingly and got detained?

Missed the minimum attendance criteria by a percent?

We can take care of those calculations for you!
Have you checked out our products yet?
  • extension Chrome Extension

    You can extract your attendance data from UIMS Attendance page and load it onto our demo page to see your attendance beautifully visualised.

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  • desktop_windows Desktop Application

    Just login with your UIMS credentials in our desktop app and we'll take care of fetching your attendance data and generating insights for you so you can track your attendance goals.

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On a Chrome Browser?

Download our Chrome Extension in your browser.
Login to UIMS > Go to Attendance Page
mouse Right Click > Extract Attendance Data
Click on YES to see visualisation of your attendance data.

Too much hassle?

Oh, it's much easier with our desktop app installed on your machine.

Yes! Machine as in Windows, Mac, Linux, whatever you have, we got you covered.

All you have to do is just login with your UIMS credentials and that's it!

Wanna see how it works?

You can still see how it works with the dummy data we have for demonstration purpose.

Let's take care of that attendance!